About Ann

I am Ann Kristine. Here’s why you should work with me.

In 2012, I had my first client in UpWork.

My task was to populate her business’ Facebook™ Page, LinkedIn™, and Twitter™ with content. I loved sharing informative content for my client. It was during this gig that I realized that I would like to become a social media manager for entrepreneurs and experts.

Today, I am a Facebook™ Marketing Strategist who has managed and grew Facebook™ Pages of top brands in shopping malls, boutique hotel, retail, and dairy, as well as authors and experts in debt collection, food, health, and education. I am also a podcaster, published author, and a mastermind mentor.

Why Did I Focus On Facebook™?

In 2017, with the help of a branding mentor, I decided that I could not (and would not be able to) keep up with the algorithms of each social media platform. Besides, the majority of my clients trusted me to manage Facebook™ Pages. The opportunity to manage Facebook™ Pages allowed me to have mastery of the platform.

But I was getting ahead of myself.

After I underwent total thyroidectomy in 2013, I had my Saul moment. I was working for the government during that time. And I was not happy. Work is not motivating, as well as the people around me. I tried implementing little changes but every time I did, I was given two feedbacks:

“We have an [office/department order] or law about that. You can’t just change things.”

“Process has been like that for decades. It’s been good. Why do you need to change it?” 

Doctors told me I wasn’t going to die during the operation. But it made me think: If I do die, what would I tell God? If He asks me to show my Facebook personal feed, would He like what He would see?

Above all, would I like what I see?

After careful consideration, plus an unexpected offer from my online client to go full-time from part-time, I smiled on the Valentine’s Day moon of February 14, 2014, my last day in the government job – and my last day as a corporate junkie.

Ann Kristine wearing the official Facebook shirt

I’m Ann Kristine A. Peñaredondo. I am the host of Pin To Top podcast, a Podcast Manager, Facebook™ Marketing Strategist, social media copywriter, published author, and speaker. Call me Ann. 🙂

As a Facebook™ Marketing Strategist, I have managed and grew Facebook Pages™ of top brands in shopping malls, retail, dairy, a boutique hotel, and luxury furniture, as well as authors and experts in business, food, health, and education. I created contagious content, ensured the smooth running of contests, and engaged fans in a conversation about the brands.

With my Facebook™ Advertising skills, I have ran advertising campaigns for government, IoT, retail, and coaches, with over US$30,000.00 optimized total campaign budget (and still counting!)

I am a contributor for 300th and Marketing in Asia, and I have been featured in Jomar Hilario’s Online Show and book Virtual Careers, Wazzup Pilipinas, Astig.PH, Prime Influencers, Marketing in Asia, Thrive Global, The Philippine Daily Inquirer, and The Manila Times.

I am a Published Author of “Small is BIG: 5 Exceptional Small Things On How To Switch From Being A Corporate Junkie To A BIG Time Online Professional” and “Skipping Stones: 52 ANNecdotes to Guide You in the Virtual Career Forest.”

I co-founded Success Squad, an inner circle with Nins Mendoza, for potential and successful virtual professionals.

I helped launch Beyond Biases, Borders, and Barriers Podcast, a show where Philippine tourism goes beyond travel, cultural attractions, and that “more fun in the Philippines” tagline.

As a podcast host, holding the mic was a totally different experience compared to launching a podcast! Thanks to my team management skills that I got as a Division Head of Copy Geeks for 2 years, I was able to make the team work a dream work for every member of the podcast launch team.

At the end of the day, I am known as the Nuclear Power Plant of Happiness because I spread fun and laughter in what I do. Others even say they felt “at ease with her even if I only met her for the first time.”

If you need help with Meta marketing, social media copywriting or podcast launch/management, just click the Let’s Talk or Book A Call on this site.

Has your business gained ground but want to have more leads and sales through Social Media and Content?

Are you already working too much on your business but finding that you’re not getting enough consistent leads online?

Are you overwhelmed of what’s being offered out there?

You don’t know which is true or false, you always ask, “Am I doing the right thing?”

I Know That You Are Clear About Your Business And Its Direction.

You have a message to share and probably, a product that will solve your customer’s problem. You want your business to be successful and profitable while also having time for the things and people that matter to you. You want more than just chance or luck. 

What if you lose the business today because of you lack a good understanding of marketing online through ?

Would you allow naysayers to succeed, hearing them say, “I told you so” every time they talk to you?

Do you see yourself working harder than before just to get ahead on the business, you end up getting sick?

Would you be able to accept the fact that you will just let go of your trusted team and close your business?

Would you like to see yourself come back to exchanging time for money?

What would it meant for you if you finally get enough consistent source of leads each month?

What would it be for you if you get the best business advisor to help you on Meta™ and content marketing who’s very keen on learning about your business and guiding on the process? 

How would you feel if you spend the day working on your business with the best team and the best customers?

What would if be for you to wake up each day, feeling healthy and grateful because you’re still on a mission?

You Don’t Need To Take Massive Action To Be Able To Feel Like You’ve Lived Up To Their Potential.

I can help you people figure out how to spend your energy in the smartest, fastest way for your business. I make sure that what I do is designed to give you exceptional brand awareness, expanded following, and exponential business growth.

I keep up with the best Facebook™ marketing and content strategies so you won’t have to.

We can work together to create an online machine generating new leads through Facebook™.

I can help with:

  • Identifying your ideal customer
  • Creating a brand persona
  • Establishing a content calendar
  • Create contagious content 
  • Use analytics to monitor performance
  • Meta™ advertising
  • Reputation management 
  • Podcast management
  • Content repurposing
  • Team management

Just So You Know…

  1. I am an I in the D.I.S.C. (and an Advocate in Myers Briggs), but it doesn’t mean I don’t get things done.
  2. I adored boybands when I was in high school (thank you, MTV). I am a forever Backstreet Boys fan. 🙂
  3. My work online journey started on a two-day seminar workshop during Typhoon Ketsana. It took me 10 hours to go back home. It fueled me to pursue the path.
  4. I am a late bloomer. I don’t jump immediately to fads. I believe in the tried and tested. (Except for A.I. Thank God for my former client and mentor, Jeff J Hunter, for pushing me to learn about A.I.)
  5. My high school guidance counselor told me that I could have a good career in marketing, based on the career test that I took. I was like, “What!?!?” Well, look where I am now. (Thank you, Miss.)
Ann Kristine standing by the Balai Palmera stairs