Twin Meets in Twin Lakes

Tagaytay? On a Tuesday?

As a virtual assistant, yes, I can go there. Plus my friends.

And we REALLY did go to Tagaytay on a Tuesday.

My virtual assistant friends and I invaded Tagaytay (specifically the amazing Twin Lakes) for the second time recently. This time around, we were not the only ones who spent time catching up offline. Three of the premium deal participants from the Work Smarter Online TeleSummit were with us, too!

Twin Meets in Twin Lakes
Wish you were here.

Part of the premium deal of the telesummit was an invitation to join one of our meet ups. Weeks prior to the meet up, we sent an email to the Work Smarter Online TeleSummit Premium Deal participants.


Twin Meets in Twin Lakes
Food, fun and friendships.


The three participants – Elena, Marikith and Angelica – never wasted time. They asked us many questions. They also shared with us their concerns as they continue their virtual career journey. Most of all, they saw that the “superstars” from the Work Smarter Online TeleSummit are just like ordinary people who experienced challenges and successes on their virtual career journey. It is our hope that in the near future; they can come back in Twin Lakes on a weekday with an exceptional virtual career, too!


Twin Meets in Twin Lakes
We are grateful to Elena, Marikith and Angelica for joining our meet up in Twin Lakes!


It was also a breather to meet my virtual assistant friends, whom I last saw in flesh last December! (or November? See, I could even remember.) Nath has done all the video angles for his video channel; Ralph made up for the missed meet ups with his banters; Ela was happy that she finally got to wear her violet fleece. Shawi and I got new movie files (That’s illegal!) while Conz and Lyn just enjoyed their food and coffee. Niña answered questions from the participants while uploading her client’s Facebook Ads. (Geesh, talk about working anywhere!)


Twin Meets in Twin Lakes


Twin Meets in Twin Lakes
We filled Bag of Beans with our laughter during that day.


Twin Meets in Twin Lakes
I told Lyn to take my photo with her iPhone because I look prettier on it. LOL


A famous person once said that you should surround yourself with people who will bring out the best in you. Indeed, Twin Lakes is beautiful. Yet I am blessed with the people I was with in Twin Lakes on a Tuesday.


Photos courtesy of Niña Mendoza, Ralph Solomon and Lyn Nafarette.


We are working on the downloadable version of the Work Smarter Online TeleSummit! It’s the recorded version of what Elena, Marikith and Angelica attended last year. Wait for the announcement on the launch!

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