Facebook Has Been Good to Me

By Ann Kristine A. Peñaredondo | Life and Marketing Lessons

Jun 23
Facebook Has Been Good To Me

Facebook has been good to me since I joined in 2009. Actually, kaibigan ko ang nagbukas ng account para sa akin. Later on, ako ang naging mas maalam sa Facebook.

Eventually, I left my secured government job and found clients who want to do Facebook social.

Facebook has been good to me that I try to share snippets of my life: realizations, lessons, overheards, kwento series, at kung ano-ano pa.

What I observed is every time I post stories, they have more reactions compared to shared links.

Hindi ko alam na my posts (stories) eventually goes out of the Internet and meet me offline.

Cases in point:

1. Sa sobrang pag-amin ko pala na crush ko si Tom Hiddleston, ang daming nagta-tag sa akin ng videos ng news about him. Last year at Jomar Hilario’s Instant Virtual Skills session, somebody asked “Ann, kumusta ka na? Naka-move on ka na ba?” (Tom Hiddleston is Loki in Marvel for those who don’t know him. During that time, Hiddleston was dating Taylor Swift.)

2. A few weeks before the Tom Hiddleston incident, somebody approached me and told me how brave of me to reply sa barat na client  in a mellow way kahit nainis ako. The person even told me that he watched my Periscope about low paying clients, agreeing that we should be paid based on our skills, not where we come from.

Based on my experience, Facebook loves stories (UPDATE: Now it loves videos with uber-compelling stories). Even if I don’t get to share it to people face-to-face, Facebook lets other people know that I create stories every day.

That I am human.

Hindi ako robot na kailangan ng CAPTCHA.

At kinailangan kong kumain ng mahal na ice cream para makalimutan ko ang HiddleSwift.


This was originally published in Jomar Hilario Virtual Careers Facebook Group in 2016.

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