I am a Superhero.

Before you say I’m so excited about this year’s superhero movies (one name: Marvel), please let me tell you a story.

I am reading another Bo Sanchez book (a carry-over from last month’s reading list) where I was again reminded of “sticking to your game”.

Sticking to your game means playing with your strengths so you could kick start your purpose. It doesn’t mean not improving at all; instead, improve your strengths because the learning curve would be easier.

For one, I love telling and sharing stories. I also love to talk (if this isn’t obvious to you, then you have a problem). I stick to my game by improving on these two things. As I step up my game, I become more and more of a superhero that I want to be.

But what about my weaknesses? Do I shut them on a closet?

I admit I don’t excel on them. Maybe I never would. But instead of telling myself that I suck at those things, I call my Avengers.

Jomar Hilario is my mentor. I’ve been under his wings since 2009. Now, I got my own pretty wings, he now tells me, “What? You still sat down on my session? You already know what I said!”

Jones Mancilla is my go-to person if I couldn’t decide on things (read between the lines: I doubt myself). She just tells me one sentence and off I go.

Sweet Reyes is my Ask person. She’s always giving me a different perspective the ideas that I think. I always leave our conversation with a good headache.

Joy Bautista-Collado is my pretty honest ally. She is my “What If” advocate, always seeing other options. She’s never afraid to say what’s on her mind. She’s

Niña Mendoza is MY PERSON. She said she used to follow me when she wanted to work from home. Now, I am still amazed at how that simple dream took her to many places and shook many people’s hands. But at the end of the day, the follower became a very amazing friend (we burn Zoom links for hours).

Indeed, I got superhero strengths and super friends with their super strengths. I put them together and I am fired up to work on my purpose.

Would you like to amplify your superhero strengths, too? I invite you to find your own Avengers. Find a set of people who will help you and guide you towards achieving your goals.

I am a superhero

The Success Squad could be your Avengers. It’s a 10-member group that Niña and I formed that would help you focus on your goals, build and implement strategies, and celebrate with you when you achieve your goals. We are building a group of men and women who believe they can do more and believe they deserve more.

Here’s what you’ll get if you join the Success Squad for the next 6 months:

📌 Valuable insights and powerful stories

📌 A helping hand (hands, actually) as you achieve your dreams.

📌 Every month, we invite a speaker to discuss about topics that relate to you most.

📌 We also do a group coaching call, where you can ask questions and get feedback on your most-needed concerns


 45-minute one-on-one online session with me and another 45-minute one-on-one online session with Ann Kristine EVERY MONTH in the next 6 months

[thrive_link color=’red’ link=’http://bit.ly/SuccessSquad’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ align=’aligncenter’]Get started on your superhero success[/thrive_link]

Photo credit: Designed by Bimbimkha / Freepik

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