Why I Said Goodbye to Pin To Top Podcast – For Now

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Why did I say goodbye to Pin To Top Podcast? Here are the reasons why this could happen to you, whether you are starting or managing a podcast.
November 20, 2023

A dream turned into reality: A podcast with my name on it.

As a kid, we were exposed to radio. It was our go-to during our early morning preparation before going to school or to work.

In college, I chose an AM radio station for my on-the-job training.

So having a podcast – my own show – was a blessing.

Sadly, after 3 years, I said goodbye to Pin To Top. Well, for now.

Just like any podcaster, I had high hopes for my show. Conversations to create, engagement from the audience, and yes, even those numbers (thousands of downloads and guesting left and right).

So why did I say goodbye to Pin To Top Podcast? Here are the reasons why this could happen to you, whether you are starting or managing a podcast.

Lack of time

I made podcasts while working full-time as a Division Head at a managed outsourcing company in the United States. I saw myself not having the time to sit down and plan my next episodes, let alone record them.

Changing interests

Two reasons in mind. One, as a Division Head managing writers, I concentrated on ensuring the writers’ work quality. It was totally different from my podcast topic of Facebook marketing.

Second, I realized I did not like where Facebook (now Meta) is moving towards. There are so many Meta concerns (both in content and advertising) that are neglected to give way to new things (virtual reality for instance).

Low listenership

It’s not that there’s a decline in listenership. In fact, during its run, the show was consistently in Chartable’s Global Reach. The show had a steady audience. However, only a few provided feedback on the show. I felt like I am never in touch with my audience because I never get to hear their comments.

Unclear business goals

I was never clear about this in the first place. My intention was to generate client leads from my podcast, eventually turning them into clients. However, my goals weren’t clear to me. I was never able to align the podcast to my intention. As a one-man band, I lost my North Star. 

Marketing – or lack of it

Pin To Top Podcast was one of my projects where I prioritized product over marketing. I never had a clear goal, so I never had a good marketing strategy. I was never able to promote the show well. I did not create a launch, collect an email list, nor get feedback through available channels. I did everything myself – planned the podcast and shared the episodes on social media when I had time. It was though. 

I enjoyed making the Pin To Top Podcast. It allowed me to realize my dream of becoming a radio DJ. The best thing was I did it on my own terms, thanks to technology!

If I could turn back time, I would re-do the show the right way. I would sit down and be clear with my goals, delegate work, and really listen more to my audience.

Your podcast could be someone’s lifeline, just like how Pin To Top was for my audience. Learn from my mistakes; don’t waste it.

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