Print Screen – it’s one of those keys in the computer keyboard that I ignore. I have always believed that the moment I accidentally click it, a catastrophe will happen to any documents I am doing.

Of course I do know the keys in the board (okay, I am still learning F4 to F12. I also do ignore them). But I belonged to the Words Star and Floppy Disks generation – during that time, we were not taught of what is the use of the Print Screen.

Several years back, one of our student assistants in the office was asked permission from my immediate head to do her one of her IT projects. After being allowed, she immediately worked on her project. That was the first time I have seen a window of a website copied and pasted in the Microsoft Word document. I was so surprised that I asked her how she did it. She innocently pointed her right point finger to the Print Screen key.

You’re thinking – “Since then, you remembered its use, right?”


I forgot its use the minute the student assistant showed it to me.

Well, I did not find any use of it for me at work during that time.

What ignorance, as I have realized it now. Since I am involved in training work, I could have used it to prepare or enhance our training modules.

Fast forward to now. I am undergoing training for Virtual Assistant with Mr. Jomar Hilario.

He said that Print Screen is a good friend of Virtual Assistants (well, sort of that idea). So he taught us how to use it.

I tried using the Print Screen key for my sample slide in PowerPoint. “Be nice to me, buddy,” I silently said.

I pressed it once, went to my Powerpoint file, then pressed Alt – Print Screen to paste.

After that, my tech life was never the same.

I have fallen in love with Print Screen.

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