Where was I when Pedring struck?


Typhoon Pedring woke me up at 2:00 AM of Tuesday morning. During that time, it was already letting me feel its presence through the winds.

At 4:30 AM, Pedring woke me up again. The winds were stronger than the earlier time.

At 5:30 AM, I made a decision: I’m not going to report for my day work.

It is now easier for me to make decisions in this type of situation.

Not because I am now earning money online so I don’t even if I don’t report (well, at least, not yet for now).

I just do not want to take the risk of commuting, getting wet, and running after vehicles once work is suspended.

So there I was in my room with my back as if cemented on my bed. I officially woke up at 6:30 AM, with Pedring about to tell me about its business.

I spent the day praying for my family and others’ safety (especially those in the areas where it hit), finishing a magazine (Kerygma September 2011 issue), a book (Discover Your Inner Beauty Queen), and reviewing the Internet Marketing, Virtual Assistant seminar paper and notes.

The day after, my office mates were having their own share of stories of what happened to them during the storm – how they arrived in the office and how they made their way back to their houses.

I just kept quiet.

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