No se puede, Ricky! I've got a job to do!

It was my first day in my ODesk job. I was happy and excited. Finally, another work!

My dad was watching TV during the time that I worked. He switched the channel and found the show, “Glee,” on TV.

Before I could even tell him to stop watching the show (we watch the re-runs on Sundays), Ricky Martin, this week’s guest, showed up.

Well, if you know me very well, you will know that Ricky was one of my boyfriends (he doesn’t know that).

I could very well admit that I got distracted.

Here’s the lesson: if you want the virtual assistant job, you’ve got cut ALL types of distractions.

No matter how dashing they are.

You have to find an area in your house where there is no TV. Well, unless you are really good in multi-tasking (watching TV while working), there is no problem with that.

So I begged my dad to go to another channel so that I could focus on my work.

And I told Ricky Martin not to do surprise show ups.

At least that’s what I told him on the poster in my room.

I am posting this picture of future desk in my dreamboard.
So this is how it feels to have a heart broken on Valentine's Day.

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    • Same here. A while ago, my parents were checking out the wrap up of today’s impeachment trial. How can you not look? 😀 Super true as well on multi-tasking being counter-productive. Here’s to hoping we would be able to handle distractions better. God bless you! 🙂

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