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After a week of not surfing the Internet, I’m at it again.

The sudden me-out-of-online-job got me to contemplate about what I need to do so that it will not happen again.

What I am happy about is that I was able to finish a book (Hooray!). I realized that I got to finish it after eight months. But even if it took me time to finish it, I finished it anyway for I’m determined to finish it.

So I decided that I will do the same thing with my life as a VA.

Here are the things that I need to do:

1. Update my profiles in ODesk and Freelance.

2. Verify my accounts.

3. Re-check my skills list.

4. Make this site show more of what I can do.

5. Take more tests in ODesk – and make it to the Top 10% of each test.

6. Visit my Brainbench account – take tests.

7. Finish my step-by-step presentations on every site that I learned, post them in Scribd, and link them here.

Well, moving on may never be easy. But it will come to pass.

And I will be better.