These plyboards, nails and glue will become a magnificent standing desk soon!

These plyboards, nails and glue will become a magnificent standing desk soon!

Weeks after my thyroid operation, I focused on one of my vacation goals: have a standing desk.

Why a standing desk? Well, I have read many studies about sitting for too long as unhealthy. Two years ago, I felt numbing pain at my back for sitting too long. I thought that as a runner, I may have overused something in my body that caused the numbing pain. I was stuck on that theory as I underwent therapy.

I was wrong.

The latest issue of Runner’s World Philippines (where I’m subscribed) formally wrote about my concern. Even if I run many kilometers for my training or for my race, I am still at risk if I sit too long.

This was the tipping point: I want to be a healthy virtual assistant. I had to have a standing desk.

So after proposing the plan to my family, phase one of my plan pushed through: we talked to a recommended carpenter.

Unfortunately, the carpenter, after talking with him about the specifications and the design, did not show up. I thought maybe another client called him for another work, so I waited.

I saw the end of my vacation with no carpenter. So, no standing desk yet.

Today, we talked to another carpenter and we agreed on the specifications and the design that I want. A few hours later, a delivery of wooden boards, nails, and wood glue arrived. Wow, my standing desk is about to become a reality!

Since my brother is taller than me, the standing desk’s measurements shall be based on his height. The new carpenter will create a stool for me to stand on if I am the one’s who’s on board the computer. Once the standing desk is done, the next plan is to buy a foot mat and a tall chair (if I get tired of standing. We still need balance in all things!)

I am preparing myself to be a stand convert in the name of health. I think being exceptional is both in the skills that I have and my physical ability to use those skills. I am excited to work standing!