The Standing Desk Verdict

Here's my personalized standing desk!
Here’s my personalized standing desk!

It’s been a month since I had my standing desk made. I guess it’s time to let you know what happened to the standing worker convert.

Here are my notes:

1. The most hours that I have stood is 5 hours. But this is not all the time. I sat down on the nearest chair when programs took time to run, walked to the kitchen to see what’s on the fridge (only healthy food!), and did some stretching.

2. I realized that my standing desk still has, well, standing issues (pun intended). I still felt uncomfortable using it because the height of the table was well measured for my taller younger brother. The wooden stool created for me and extra base for the keyboard still had to be adjusted so that my pair of hands is not one inch lower from the keyboard.

3. My stool is strong enough to carry me, but I got to buy a foot mat.

3. Everything is still a balance. If I feel that my legs are tired, I grab our high chair and sit. What I love about the high chair is that it strictly tells me to sit with correct posture or my head will be tilt up while looking at the screen (I hope to buy a high chair soon because what I have is a make-shift). Sheesh, tough teacher.

4. The great thing about having a standing desk is that I got a better choice now to make a stand (again, pun intended). When I still had my old computer table, it was hard to type if I wanted to stand up from long hours of sitting. So I had no choice but to sit down again.

5. This desk made me do a reward-punishment scheme of sorts. When writing, I target a time to finish it. I set my focus on finishing my writing for it is only when I finish that I’d get to sit!

Now, this post is done minutes before my deadline to myself! I can now sit! Hahaha!

Here's me using the standing desk. I know, I'm beside the window, which is a no-no. Still trying to find a better workspace. :)
Here’s me using the standing desk. I know, I’m beside the window, which is a no-no. Still trying to find a better workspace. 🙂
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