How I Finally Resigned to Become a Full-Time VA

NOT-SO-BREAKING NEWS ANYMORE: I got a full-time gig! And I got to share it in my mentor's free webinar last night!
NOT-SO-BREAKING NEWS ANYMORE: I got a full-time gig! And I got to share it in my mentor’s free webinar last night!

I underwent many events at the first month of 2014. Now, I can finally tell to the world: I got a full-time gig.

I am now a full-time virtual assistant! šŸ™‚

How did this happen?

Good thing my mentor, Jomar Hilario, got me into his weekly free webinar to share my story. My webinarĀ guesting was movedĀ  to two weeks later due to my erratic Internet connection (which is an entirely different story).

Here’s the YouTube version of the webinar. The video’s slides may be a bit earlier than the audio if you’re wondering.Ā For those who tried to come in but weren’t able to, indulge (I’m just not sure if the video will be up only for 7 days or it will be there for a long time, so I hope you’d get to see it).

Thank you to the 101 attendees that listened to my story (that’s the most number that the GoToWebinar can handle). I topped my first webinar guesting two years ago.

Here it is!

  • litaptap says:

    Hi Thanks for your sharing. Its very inspiring giving hope for me. I want also to work at home. I studied photography. How can this help me to work at home?

    • Hi Litaptap! Thank you!

      Your photography skills can get you a VA gig, too. Go search for online jobs related to photography. I checked Google and saw a lot. Some are related to photo editing, while some need a photographer for an event.

      Be confident when you present yourself out there! God bless!

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