Day 98 – Writing Mode in Starbucks

Writing mode starts now.
Writing mode starts now.


I’m not a coffee drinker.

I had a bad experience on drinking a strong coffee after class back in college that I ended up having palpitations and super energized until 3AM. I thought it was the end of my life.

But I survived. I lived to tell the tale.

Now, I’m in a Starbucks branch writing stories.

Let me say a disclaimer as early as now: I have not rekindled my relationship with coffee. In fact, I ordered what they call Banana Mango beverage. I specifically asked for non-caffeine drink from the woman in the counter.


So as you may have known by now, I don’t frequent coffee shops.

So why am I here?
Number 1 reason: I need to write. I got a lot of stories to tell that I feel my brain is fully loaded. I’m afraid my brains will break my skull if I don’t write. I miss writing.

Number 2 reason: I could not write in the house. The bed is there. I had a long day yesterday – hearing Mass and doing confession in Baclaran Church then headed to the Cash Flow Game Session to volunteer (see the story here). The bed is saying I can sleep the day away and feel guilty waking up because I lost hours of better things to do.

Number 3 reason: I could not write in the house. The computer with awesome Wi-Fi connection is there. I look at them as work. If I turn them on, I will see myself checking on my work email and Basecamp, and… yeah, I might end up working.

Therefore, I’m here in Starbucks, with the aircon about to make me shiver and the Banana Apple beverage half-full. The music is good and there are few people here.

It’s just a Mac, my brains, and me.


I was able to write 7 posts for this blog, thanks to these. :)
I was able to write 7 posts for this blog, thanks to these. 🙂


I’m writing the next funny (or ridiculous) blog posts.

Hopefully in the next weeks, I would be able to refine my book that I wrote last year (it has been stored in my thumb drive for a year!). And yes, wear better clothes to fight the cold.

Let it be known that I spent Day 98 as a VA by preventing my brains to rebel.

But still not drinking coffee.

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