Snippets from Day 48 to 100 – My First 100 Days as a Full-Time Social Media Manager

Here's my Days 48 to 100 as a VA.
July 26, 2014

Super late post. Sorry, I got caught up with the VA work and storm Glenda. Okay, they are decoys. Of course I blame myself for not just posting. 🙂

Reunited – I got to meet my friends in my former workplace. We call ourselves Clinic Gang because our lives got intertwined by hanging out in the company’s clinic. Most of us resigned from the company since but the friendship stayed. We spent time eating and laughing (our favorite past time). The best of all, we got to do a groupie shot with everyone in the frame.

All clear – I underwent tests as part of my post-thyroid operation. I was instructed to undergo a blood test called thyroglobumin to determine if there were traces of cancer in my body (a tiny portion in one of the thyroid nodules had papillary carcinoma. But it was so tiny that I need not to go for radiation, but enough for the surgeon to decide to remove my whole thyroid during the operation). The results were out – and I am a clear! Still on my way to great health!

Buffet – eat is the highlight of our team’s monthly meet up. I learned how to just get tiny portions of each food I see. That’s hard when you’re in Dad’s and Saisaki, but I learned the tricks of the trade. Still, I always leave the restaurant having a big tummy.

30-minute walking – I was finally able to drag myself out of bed at 6AM to walk around the village. After giving up a 5K race in April, I thought of what I needed to do to get back into running. My game plan was to consistently walk for 30 minutes for 2 weeks then focus on a 5K in 5 weeks plan. I made it to the first phase. I’m looking forward to he 5K in 5 weeks training. But then, the lazy me came back. I haven’t walking again. The sun misses me, I guess.

Summer was just HOT – I dreaded working between 1PM to 4PM. It’s the time of the day when I feel my sweat is drawing works of art at my back. The summer is just enjoying itself. I drank every hour to beat the heat.

Home office wish list complete – I was able to purchase a white board, an anti-fatigue mat, and a tall chair in a span of two weeks! Now it’s easier to track my work tasks with my white board (my VA contract is posted there too, aside from my ACT NOW nights, which I’ll discuss after). The pain that I feel at my right feet is now gone, thanks to the anti-fatigue mat. And I feel like a lounge singer with my chair.

Last full show with my mom – It’s been years since I’ve watched a last full show movie, and ages since my mom watched a movie. We got a chance to do both during Holy Tuesday when we watched Son of God. Too bad a local channel ran The Bible later on the week, but here’s what I know: my mom rarely watches a movie because she really prefers radio, and yes, Jesus is hot – always and forever.

ACT NOW Nights – one Jomar’s webinar made me re-focus on what I needed to do. I was having times when I was finding it hard to juggle the full-time VA work and the other plans that I have. The Jomar’s webinar had this message: ACT NOW. There is no other time to fulfill my dreams now. Life is going to make me forget, but I should never forget. As an action plan, I used my white board to write my weekly schedule (Mondays – attend Jomar’s free webinar, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are for Online Marketing Club 3.0 lessons, Thursdays and Fridays are for Virtual Assistant 101 output preparations, and weekends are for blog and book writing). There’s still some nights that I’m missing my ACT NOW activities, but I’m trying to keep up.

CANVA Convert – Thanks to Canva, I am able to practice my design skills by changing my social media covers (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+) every month.

33rd birthday – Yes, I am 33! I realized Jesus started His ministry at 33, so I really thought that I should really do something really remarkable. So I’m announcing on this part that I’m going to publish a book (this is to put the pressure on myself, too). I also planned my remarkable 34th, 35th, and 36th year on earth (Jesus preached for three years. If that’s the case, he went to heaven at 36). But that would need a different post.

I survived Frozen – I got a godson as a neighbor and they live next to the house. He and his younger brother watched the movie Frozen EVERY WAKING DAY. At first, it was fun listening to the songs (you know what they are). But weeks after, I found myself mumbling “Frozen again?”, “Oh no, it’s that intro song again”, until “Do they have another favorite movie?”. I reached saturation point and the songs lost their power on me. Slowly, the songs were never cute. Eventually, the hype died down. I know Disney will always cook up something for the kids. But until then, I’ll be at peace because summer made the frozen ice melt (pun intended).

VA 101 – I attended a higher level of Virtual Assistant Seminar – the VA 101 Seminar. This time around, Jomar taught us how to become a content marketing strategist, someone who thinks awesome marketing for companies. It’s a thinking job, but taking this challenge would mean more help to business owners because they don’t have time to sit down and take a look at their marketing plans. I also met new and Facebook friends. It was humbling to see my name in the list of Jomar’s successful students.

Sococo – it’s Social Metric’s latest communication tool. It’s like a virtual office where anyone can see who’s present. We can talk clearly, share screens, hold meetings, call clients, and have cool cubicle names (my room name is Awesome Ann). We look like Pacmans in Sococo, less the eating part.

So what did I do on Day 100? I ate a great lunch in house. My mom cooked food as always (I’m always the Chief Eat Officer). I’ve always thought of my Day 100 as something special – like an eat out plus a movie. But then, my Day 100 fell on a weekday. Still, I had my full!

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