My Facebook Ads Learning Adventure Begins!

LinkedIn network expansion is on-going. The only thing left to do is to explore the gold rush - Facebook Ads.
December 26, 2014
My Facebook Ads learning adventure begins!

My Facebook Ads learning adventure begins!

Last November, I took a two-day seminar on VA202 Wealth Creation Strategies Seminar with Jomar Hilario and Jay McLean. It was so much fun to learn about the gold rush (Facebook Ads) and network expansion (LinkedIn) from these two guys. What’s more, it was awesome to learn with exceptional people who attended the seminar (a lot also took the downloadable seminar. I think they are on their seminar-mode these Christmas holidays.)

I have started my network expansion every Monday with LinkedIn. So far, I have skills endorsements and a recommendation, and I have given my endorsements, too. Thanks everyone!

The only thing left to do is to explore the gold rush – Facebook Ads.

Why gold rush? As of now, a few know how Facebook Ads work. It’s cool to learn about it because a lot of business persons are starting to use Facebook Ads given the changes that Facebook will carry out in 2015.

It took me a while to start my gold rush adventure because I was afraid of Facebook Ads, particularly the Power Editor. I know that a gold is not a monster. But I had a previous experience in getting lost in Power Editor. I could say that it is one of the most unfriendly sites that I have met in my life. An online course that I took for Power Editor did not help. Unfortunately, I only got the important points without the hands on experience.

Weeks after the two-day seminar, I took the courage to face the Power Editor monster. I told myself that once I tame this monster, it will lead me to the gold.

Join me in my learning adventure!

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