The truth about the 12 fruits for the new year

Have you got fruits at your table for New Year's Eve? There's more to that.
Have you got fruits at your table for New Year’s Eve? There’s more to that.


I am sure you that as you are reading this, it is either you are a) liking and commenting “Happy New Year!” on your social media accounts, b) busy in the kitchen, or c) you just survived an avalanche of people in the market (congratulations, you made it alive just like my mother).

During this time of the year, some Filipinos are making sure that there are 12 fruits on their table by New Year’s Eve as a superstition. It’s said that you are in for an abundant year if you have 12 round fruits as the new year usher in (12 symbolizes the 12 months a year).

My mother said she does not believe that superstitious belief (proof of the matter: she bought bananas). She said that some people just buy for the sake of completing the fruits, yet they do not eat it. “What a waste of money,’ she said.

Well, it makes sense, really. Although completing the fruits may attract the abundance, having them alone will not give you the short cut to abundance.

The late Jim Rohn say it best on one of his known tips, “How to Turn Nothing into Something”. I heard it this week as I was doing my morning run-walks while listening to Jim’s audiobook, “The Day That Turns Your Life Around.”

I hope this will help you, especially if you are planning your exceptional new year:

  1. Imagine the possibilities. – Jim Rohn did not say imagine “some” of the possibilities. He said imagine ALL of the possibilities.
  2. You must BELIEVE that what you imagine IS possible for you. – If others can do it, so can you. If you were able to meet your target this year, believe that you can hit your mark next year, too.
  3. Go to work to make it real. – You start working on your goals in small steps. You do not start with the timing is perfect. The perfect time to start is now.
  4. Have the discipline to go to work to make it real.– Life is going to distract us in any way it can. The tip that I have given some people the past few days is to post their goals in their mirrors and comfort rooms. It is for them to remember their goals always (because there is never a day you will not look at your mirror and you will not miss the comfort room).

So do not believe that the 12 round fruits alone will bring you an exceptional year (I also stopped believing that I will get taller if I jump at the struck of midnight of New Year’s Eve. The calcium-filled food helped me get a few inches of height before I reached my growth years). People with bias for action create their exceptional year.

Still, I will not mind if you’ll send me a fruit salad (wink wink).

Cheers to the new year!


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