How I Am Improving My Marketing Skills with iPod

In 2012, I bought an iPod classic from (then After attending the How to Become a VA Seminar two weeks before, I decided to look for a second-hand iPod classic so I can put Jim Rohn audios, amazing Christian songs (and other positive songs), and audiobooks (believe me, I could be unstoppable when buying audiobooks, same as the good ol’ physical book).

My iPod classic was an exceptional companion (it still is!) during my employment years until I became a full-time virtual assistant. Since I bought it three years ago, I have added webinar audio versions of the other Jomar Hilario programs, videos, and podcasts. I have also downloaded several Hard to Find Seminars audio files.

ann exceptional virtual assistant
This is my iPod classic. It has audiobooks, podcasts, videos and talks. I even bought an iPod dock to fill the house with sounds of learning.

But since attending the Unlock Your Success Secrets seminar last year from Jomar, I wanted to buy another iPod, this time with Hard to Find Seminars audio. I learned from the Unlock Your Success Secrets seminar that Bo Sanchez and Jomar Hilario listened to all the Hard to Find Seminars audio many times. What they learned from the audio, they applied in their businesses.

So, when the delayed payment of a former client arrived (see related post), I knew what I needed to do.

ann exceptional virtual assistant
Small in the eyes, Hulk in content. Incidentally, I bought the iPod Nano on June 12, 2015, Independence Day in the Philippines. I guess it also symbolizes freedom for me to learn more!

I finally bought the iPod Nano for two reasons: first is to learn the way my mentors learned. Second was to remind me that a delayed pay will never happen to me again because I am going to get more responsible clients to serve (because I am learning more).

I remembered dreaming of having an iPod a few years back. Having two iPods is an exceptional blessing!


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