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January got me stoked and busy because of Raket.ph’s Raket Remedies!

Raket.ph launched their Raketeer School, the first Freelancing School in the Philippines this year. Under the Raketeer School is Raket Remedies, which will conduct live seminars and webinars for freelancing concerns. For Raket Remedies’ first offering, Raket.ph invited me and dear friend, columnist and social media consultant Carla Bianca Ravanes to share what we know about Facebook Marketing.

If you remember, Carla wrote the Raket.ph feature article of me and another common friend and virtual professional, Sami Aldeguer Roxas. Check the article that she wrote a few years ago here.

Raket Remedies on Facebook Marketing is a focused workshop which includes sessions and interactive streams on how to create and manage effective Facebook advertising campaigns, utilize ways to effectively drive traffic from Facebook to blogs & websites, and learn how to integrate Facebook with other marketing strategies.

If one of your goals this year is to improve your Facebook marketing skills, then the Raket.ph team, Carla and I are excited to meet you on Saturday, January 23, 2016 at UnionBank Plaza, 47F Meralco Avenue corner Onyx Road, Ortigas Pasig City. The seminar will start at 1:00PM. For more details, click here for the Raket Remedies Facebook Marketing live event.

Got a full schedule this Saturday? Don’t fret! There is a webinar version on February 18, 2016. Check the link for the Raket Remedies Facebook Marketing webinar.

For other Raket Remedies events, check here.

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