Rockin’ Raket Remedies

Approximately 20 participants graced the first ever Raket Remedies for 2016 last week!


Rockin’ Raket Remedies

I was excited about many things. One, I met Carla Bianca V. Ravanes again after not seeing each other for years! She communicated with me a few months ago and ask if we could be partner speakers for the topic, Facebook Marketing. (Like what I mentioned in my previous post, she wrote a feature column about me as a Raketeer a few years back.)

Rockin’ Raket Remedies
Awesome to see you, Carla!

Not only was I able to catch up with Carla; I also saw her squad: her family! (I finally got my long overdue photo op with Coach Biboy Ravanes of San Miguel Beer. I never had the chance to ask previously when I was working in the school where Carla studied.)

Rockin’ Raket Remedies
Finally, a photo with Coach Biboy Ravanes! As of this writing, San Miguel Beer Team forced a Game 7 in the latest season of Philippine Cup. Cheers, Coach!

Second, this was my first speaking event of the year! Crossing my fingers for more this year!

Third, I shared how Facebook has leveraged the playing field of advertising through Facebook Ads. As I have shared in the seminar, there are many business owners around the world who are either confused about Facebook’s Power Editor or do not have the slightest idea of what to do with their Facebook ads. Therefore, if you are an aspiring virtual professional, mastering Facebook ads will enable you to help many clients, so go get your hands dirty! (The high earnings will follow.)

Rockin’ Raket Remedies

Much thanks to Niña Lauren Mendoza, who did not only share her insights for my presentation, but also tagged along with me on the Raket Remedies day itself. (Shameless plug: Niña is going to run a Facebook Experts Factor very soon. It is a program where she will share her best Facebook Advertising strategies. Check out her Facebook Page to learn more.)

Rockin’ Raket Remedies
Thanks a lot, Niña!

Raket Remedies is a seminar series co-presented by and Manila Workshops, with Unionbank EON as sponsor.

Missed the event? No need to cry! Raket Remedies on Facebook Marketing will have its webinar run on February 18, 2016. Visit here for more details.

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