Ann Exceptional VA is now on UpWork Top Rated Program.

UpWork Top Rated Program

Last month, I got an email from UpWork that I now belong to their Top Rated Program.

UpWork Top Rated Program

I heard many things about the badges on UpWork. But I did not pay attention to it. Maybe because UpWork is not the only freelancing site where I look for possible clients to work with.

So imagine my surprise when my virtual professional friends commented on the Facebook post that I did about the UpWork Top Rated Program.


Later on, I found out that the badge was a big deal. Only 10% of the UpWork users belong in this program. I learned about the UpWork Top Rated Program here.

So, call me a UpWork elite (wink wink).

Reflecting on how I got the elite badge (well, at least for UpWork), I think I was able to get the Top Rated Program because of the following factors:

I did not focus on getting the badge.

Well, you may say because I did not know about it, but that’s just it. What I focused on was to do exceptional work for my client. Later on, I saw my profile showing high earnings and logging in enough hours as required in the program.

I worked on alignment of all my freelancing site portfolio with my LinkedIn account.

I ensured that what I update on LinkedIn, it was also present in my active freelancing sites.

I re-worked my client proposals.

From the “cover letter” mindset, I changed it to “prime pitch”. I thank Niña Lauren Mendoza for teaching how to create a powerful prime pitch for sending proposals during the Work Smarter Online Telesummit. I learned a lot from her session. (Learning from your co-speakers was one of the best gifts that Work Smarter Online Telesummit gave me.)

What’s more, I only do not use it on UpWork; I also use it every time I send proposals to Facebook Groups, CloudPeeps, and Craigslist. To prove to you that it works, here is one of the feedbacks that I got from a non-UpWork client. (I am going to start a two-week trial with the client soon!) Find out more about prime pitch here.

UpWork Top Rated Program

The UpWork Top Rated Program got me two online gigs that were initiated by clients (that meant they contacted me; not the other way around). I am now working with them on their online businesses.

UpWork Top Rated Program
I started working for this client on January 27, 2016…


UpWork Top Rated Program
… and this new client on January 31, 2016. 🙂


UpWork Top Rated Program
This is what my UpWork dashboard looks like.

Bottom line is, I did not get the UpWork Top Rated Program like a manna from heaven. It was a collective effort of continuing to do exceptional work for clients and learning from others virtual professionals.

I claim that you claim your UpWork Top Rated Program soon!


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