Faith Restored in Wealth Summit 2016

Last Sunday was an unsuspecting Sunday for me. My only goal during that day was to attend The Feast in Bay Area, Manila.

Faith Restored in Wealth Summit 2016
Jones, Ralph, Patty and me after one of The Feast sessions last weekend.

After meeting Ralph and Patty Solomon (they shared their UK trip stories. Welcome back, newlyweds!) , I walked Jones Mancilla of Positively Awesome Virtual Assistant to the venue of the Wealth Summit 2016 (it was on the other side of the PICC). It was the third and Bonus Day (it is optional to attend it).

Then, the unsuspecting surprise happened: a friend (through her VA) gave me an ID for the Wealth Summit. My friend told me in an SMS that she could no longer attend the Bonus Day because she was too tired.

Faith Restored in Wealth Summit 2016
The accidental attendee with the ultimate “seminarista” (seminar addict) Jones Mancilla.

The unsuspecting Sunday was fun-and-learning-filled. I felt awesome to be surrounded by exceptional Truly Rich Club members, business owners, and Wealth Summit 2016 speakers.

I experienced having local clients last year. Unfortunately, unexpected problems came up that created a jaded virtual professional in me. I vowed not to accept local clients because of my experience. My faith in Filipino business owners was restored after attending the Wealth Summit Bonus Day. What more if I was able to attend the whole three days?

Faith Restored in Wealth Summit 2016
One of the many words of business wisdom from THE Dean Pax Lapid.

Here were the solid realizations that restored my faith back to Filipino business owners:

1. One of their key factors to their success is having a God-centric business.

Jorge Wieneke of Tokyo Tempura mentioned that having a God-centric business is one of the key factors to his business success.

Dean Pax Lapid said, “Running a business is a mixture of failures and successes.” Whatever phase in their businesses were (success or failure), Filipino business owners never forget to offer it to God. That is why some of the speakers, even on the brink of giving up, just kept on persevering to keep the business going. No wonder, their business never looked back after achieving success after success.

Faith Restored in Wealth Summit 2016
The DEAN is in.

2. Filipino business owners continue – and even expanded – their generosity wallet.

Filipino business owners either provide awesome employment to their staff (even giving them trips abroad!) or make them business partners.

Edwin Nerison of Nerison’s Cassava Cake told the story of one of his employees during their “fishball moment” (they were eating fish balls) that the latter wanted to have a printing press. Nerison also wanted to have a printing press so he does not have to outsource the printing of his product boxes. His employee is now his partner in the printing business that they created.

3. Filipino business owners know to follow their passion, not money.

Dr. Romy Paredes of Wellnessland Health Institute told his story of listening to intuition in decision-making. From being a doctor who was educated to provide medicines for every disease, he created a business that would enable patients to go back to the basics – eat well, exercises, breathe properly, and even hug a tree!

He also added (and with this, I vowed a self-discipline mode) that health is also an investment. You do not accumulate money and later on use it to make you well.

Faith Restored in Wealth Summit 2016
Our mentor, Jomar Hilario, was there, too! We took this groupie while he was answering a question during the discussion.

4. Filipino business owners know that business is also about building relationships.

Lea Recomite of Spa Solandra and Toots Palomo of Great Image mentioned that relationship building is important in business. In addition, they did not only talk about building relationships with customers. Business partners and suppliers also add to the business family. A business owner should not think that they should make a fool out of business partners and suppliers.

Faith Restored in Wealth Summit 2016
Now THIS is an unbelievable customer service. Thank you, Ms. Toots Palomo of Great Image!

5. Filipino business owners live Kaizen, or continuous improvement.

Being inside the room with majority of business owners, I did not feel intimidated at all. Everyone was all ears to all the speakers and to those who added inputs. On the other hand, they were not selfish in giving insights.

An exceptional “wow” moment for me was when real estate expert and Think Rich Pinoy! author Larry Gamboa stood up to ask a question to one of the speakers. For a person who has helped many to earn money from real estate, it was a wonder to see how he has kept his curiosity in learning more.

Faith Restored in Wealth Summit 2016
Think Rich Pinoy! author Larry Gamboa asking a question to one of the speakers.

Not only was my faith restored to Filipino business owners. I rekindled the reason why I became a virtual professional (considered an infopreneur): I wanted to earn more so I can give more. I must admit, mundane and big concerns tend to make me forget one of my big Whys. Attending the Wealth Summit 2016 Bonus Day reminded me of that.

Faith Restored in Wealth Summit 2016
Jones and I with Preacher in Blue Jeans Brother Bo Sanchez.

aith Restored in Wealth Summit 2016


Special thanks to Jaymee Dela Cruz and Niña Mendoza and Elaine Gay Chavez.

If you remember, I was at the Wealth Summit 2015 as a volunteer for Jomar Hilario’s booth! It was fun to be with virtual professional friends and be able to break down our volunteer experience using Facebook Ad terms! See the story here.

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