Lessons I Learned from Robert Kiyosaki and Friends

By Ann Kristine A. Peñaredondo | Life and Marketing Lessons

Mar 17

One of the unforgettable seminars that I attended last year was the Robert Kiyosaki Live in Manila with Masters of Wealth. I learned about how other ways to earn and grow my money (I was amazed at affiliate income and real estate) and how present a content that would enable you to offer your product (participants were literally running to avail of the programs from the speakers).

Lessons I learned from Robert Kiyosaki and Friends

Robert Kiyosaki was a few meters away from me!

Before I show you the lessons I learned from Robert Kiyosaki and friends, let me give you a run down of who’s who in Robert’s circle:

Robert Riopel – Top International Trainer
Richard Tan – Chairman, Success Resources
Andrew Matthews – Masterful Illustrator and International Speaker
Peng Joon – Leading Authority in Wealth Creation Online
JT Foxx – World’s #1 Wealth Coach
Mario Singh – Asia’s #1 Forex Coach

Notice their titles? It only goes to show that if you choose your friends wisely (or the people you hang out with), you will be in good hands.

Lessons I learned from Robert Kiyosaki and Friends

Robert Kiyosaki was a strict speaker. On a certain part of his talk, he took one of the participants’ phone when he clearly said we should not pick it up. Good thing I am a good student (Hahaha). Nah, I took this a few minutes after he appeared on the stage.

Being inside the venue with best selling author Robert Kiyosaki was an exceptional feeling. I stumbled upon Rich Dad Poor Dad when I was still working in a private school as a training specialist. It was also during that time that I already started reading Bo Sanchez’s 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich and followed finance experts.

I was happy that I attended the event with my brother and with my friends, too! Indeed, as Robert Kiyosaki said, his team is his best ally. Hey, I am an exceptional learner!

Lessons I learned from Robert Kiyosaki and Friends

Jones Mancilla, Ralph Christian Solomon and I worked together months prior to the event to make sure we get good seats. Achieved!


Lessons I learned from Robert Kiyosaki and Friends

More friends! Shawi Cortez and Nolan Lazaro were with us, too.

I compiled the best lessons that I learned from Robert Kiyosaki and friends in this PDF.

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