From Overseas Filipino Worker to Outstanding Filipino Worker: How does one make the transition?

In the recently concluded Wealth Summit 2016, one of the most discussed question came from an Overseas Filipino Worker. The question posed was:

“How does an Overseas Filipino Worker transition?”

Everyone in the room had the approving mood. Sure, exceptional business mentors surrounded me, as well as Truly Rich Club members (composed of business owners, employees, infopreneurs and Overseas Filipino Workers). Yet, everyone considered the question valid and important.

In one of my posts, I told you the story of the diaspora that happened in my own family. There were also a number of households here in where I live where a parent is an Overseas Filipino Worker.

Here are some of the answers from the different Truly Rich Club mentors and Wealth Summit 2016 speakers. I hope you will find them helpful.

Moreover, if you are an Overseas Filipino Worker, I hope you will find them valuable and doable. May your transition from an Overseas Filipino Worker to an Outstanding Filipino Worker (whatever you want to do as long as it is legit and you are working here in the Philippines!) be enjoyable and fruitful.

BO SANCHEZ, Preacher in Blue Jeans

Learn new skills.

MAVES ANGELES, Happy Homes Realty CEO

Use your funds to build a passive income and business.

SHA NACINO, author, speaker and blogger

Become an infopreneur; sell information products online.

RONNIE SIASOYCO, President & CEO at Trion Management Corporation

The effects of having Outstanding Filipino Worker is a social problem because a parent or both parents are not at home to guide children. With the technology at hand, use it and communicate to your children.

Share with your children your struggle as you work miles away from them. Telling them stories will let them that you are sacrificing for them.

JOMAR HILARIO, Online Marketing Guru

One of the ways to transition from an Overseas Filipino Worker is to look for job opportunities online. He or she can do this part-time until such time he or she gets many clients, go full-time as a virtual professional, and then go home to the Philippines.

Even the family members of the Overseas Filipino Worker can work online, so while the latter is still working abroad, the family members has another source of income.

This is the reason why the How to Become a VA (Virtual Assistant) Seminar became the Virtual Careers book. The book can reach more people, just like attending the same seminar. All you have to do is to follow everything that is written in the book.

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