My First Facebook Post Engagement Ads and Takeaways

After learning about Facebook boost posts, it’s now time I learn of Facebook post engagement ads.

Facebook’s post engagement ads allows you to advertise your post depending on the objective. What’s more, you would be able to target audiences better, just like how you target audiences on your Facebook ad campaigns.

I created two Facebook post engagement ads on two separate periods. I did the first post engagement ad during the Facebook Ads Basic seminar that I attended. It was co-presented by Facebook and Manila Workshops. I did the second post engagement ad for the podcast, The Joy and Ann Show, which I am one of the hosts.

Here’s how the Facebook post engagement ads went and my takeaways.

[slideshare id=76629586&doc=myfirstfacebookpostengagementads-170604113402]

I mentioned I learned Facebook boost posts first. Check out part one here and volume 2 here

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