My First Copywriting Exercise Experience

A few months ago, I published a blog about the lessons on investing in yourself while passing by NAIA-X. I mentioned there that I came from Jomar Hilario’s Masterclass, so I am going to talk about that now on this post.

The said Masterclass is Copywriting 101. Since I have an experience in creating landing pages, email marketing sequences, and preparing Facebook ad creatives, I thought it is about time to formally learn about copywriting. As you know, all the skills that I mentioned would be best combined with copywriting skills.

I had the privilege to attend the Copywriting 101 Masterclass because I guested in one of Jomar’s webinars in 2017. So off I went to the half-day masterclass, armed with a notebook, pen, and colored pens.

A Jomar Hilario seminar won’t end without an assignment. So for the Copywriting 101 Masterclass, the students were asked to COPY one of Robert Collier’s books. “Copy” means you get a notebook and a pen and you literally copy the content of the book.

Can you imagine your life back in school where you had to copy the notes on the board the entire Social Studies time? (Oh gosh, those hand aches.)

Yes, just like that. This time, more exciting.

I decided to look for my own material to write. I saw Gary Halbert’s Famous Dollar Letter. There is literally a $1.00 on the copy so it intrigued me. (As I did my research, one of Ryan Deiss’ sales letters also had a $1.00 on top of the page. Yep, it still works until now!)

After a month and 12 pages later, I finished copying the letter! Here’s the proof of the pudding:

my first copywriting exercise experience


my first copywriting exercise experience


my first copywriting exercise experience


This may seem crazy to you, but something happens when you practice copywriting. As I wrote each letter, I learned how each paragraph provides information, empathize with a customer’s challenges, and clearly explains the solution. Heck, I myself wanted to buy what Gary Halbert was selling!

As of this writing, I just finished writing Robert Collier’s The Boron Letters Chapter 1 in just one sitting. I also learned about exercising on that first letter.

Did my hand ached? Heck, yes! But it’s worth it!

I am excited to get the copywriting vibe of the greatest copywriters in the world! How about you?


Would you like to learn copywriting,too? Jomar Hilario’s Masterclass is offering Copywriting 101 and 202. Take your spot here and start learning:

Copywriting 101

Copywriting 202

Copywriting 303 (you can take both classes!)

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