Oct 12
AEVA_got your fast pass
AEVA_got your fast pass

Hong Kong Disneyland’s Locomotive Train Station at night.

No matter how old you are, you should go to Disneyland. It doesn’t matter where – Florida, Japan, Hong Kong – basta pumunta ka. It has the same system of making you happy. No wonder it’s called the happiest place on Earth. (Unless you’re a Feast attendee, then Disneyland is the second happiest place on earth.)

It was my second time in Hong Kong, therefore my second time, too, in Hong Kong Disneyland. It still gave me the same giddy kid feeling that a life of yesterday, today, tomorrow, and fantasy is possible. Hindi mo alam, tumatawa or nakangiti ka na pala ng matagal.

Maliban d’yan, Disneyland is a life success story of its visionary, Walt Disney. And if you are aware of it, you might experience lessons, too.

Percy, one of the tour guides we met on our stay (and I guess one of the angels disguised as human kasi lahat ng MTR at directions itinanong ko sa kanya pero lahat sinagot n’ya and more!), gave my brother and I the latest map and show time guide for HK Disneyland. Ibinigay n’ya sa amin ang map and guide the night before we actually went to the park. Great advantage for us to get to know the park and the show schedules AHEAD of others!

Kahit na inaantok na ako from the day’s city tour and Ocean Park walk, I studied the HK Disneyland map and guide. I braced myself for more walks the next day kasi mas malawak na ang HK Disneyland compared to the last time I was there! I also found out that the street parade (called Flights of Fantasy) was moved to 12NN (last time it was at 1:30PM). So from there, na-plano ko ang mga shows na papanoorin namin.

Then, I saw the FAST PASS feature.

According to the HK Disneyland Times Guide, Fast Pass is a complimentary service for park guests. It would give you an opportunity to enter selected attractions WITHOUT FALLING IN LINE. Why did I say this? Because waiting time for an attraction could take up to 1 hour!

Sa ngayon, only three shows have Fast Pass feature sa HK Disneyland: Hyperspace Mountain, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, and Iron Man Experience.

Here’s the catch: Fast Pass tickets are subject to availability. Madali s’yang maubos for each attraction. Kaya you need to look for the Fast Pass machine near each attraction to get it.

Inaantok na ako while reading the Fast Pass feature sa guide pero na-intriga ako how it works. So I decided that I will look for it the next day. Wala namang masamang makita ang Iron Man Experience without the waiting time and falling in line, di ba?

The next day, after kong mayakap sina Mickey at Minnie Mouse (one and a half hours for a photo and warm welcome hug – worth the wait, by the way), we went to Tomorrowland to eat lunch and check out Iron Man Expo Shop. At the back was the Iron Man Experience attraction. I remembered the Fast Pass feature. Magtatanong na sana ako sa isang park staff when I saw the Fast Pass machine. Nilapitan namin ang machine and then followed the instructions: place the Disneyland ticket sa scan area and wait for the Fast Pass ticket to come out.

IT WORKED! I got my Fast Pass ticket to the Iron Man Experience! It says I just had to come back on the specified time sa ticket and I can get inside the attraction!

Here’s a photo of the pass:

AEVA_got your fast pass

Pero alam n’yo ba kung ano ang nakita ko sa Iron Man Experience? A LLLOOONNNGGG LINE for the show! Eh ang lapit ng Fast Pass machine sa IronMan Experience. Ang no-line opportunity is just a few feet and a scan away! Kung alam lang nila ang Fast Pass, eh di sana hindi na sila pipila ng as much as 1 hour.

Ganito ka ba?

FAST PASS LESSON 1: Take advantage of the faster way to learn, to earn, or to become better. You will save hours (and even years) to your life.

On the other hand, even if my brother and I already had our Fast Pass tickets, we did not watch the Iron Man Experience.

Bakit? Kasi inikot namin ang buong Disneyland. We could end up staying on one area of the park only while waiting for our schedule or we could be rushing back to Tomorrowland kung mapalayo kami ng lakad.

Ganito ka ba?

Alam mo naman ang Fast Pass to virtual career (or just about having what you aspire in life) pero hindi mo ginagamit?

FAST PASS LESSON 2: You could have in your hands a book, a seminar, or even a small hack that could improve the way you work or improve your life. Do something about it.

Read the book. Review your seminar notes. Or better yet, kung na-download mo ang mga ‘yan, better unearth them from your computer or storage. Baka natutulog ang millions mo. Alam mo naman tayo: mahilig tayong mag-download ng learning opportunities pero hindi natin ginagalaw. (I heard you say “Aray! Ako ‘yun!”)

Got your Fast Pass?


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