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Who Says Only People in Suits Could Do Marketing?

By Ann Kristine A. Peñaredondo | Life and Marketing Lessons

Jul 04
Who Says Only People in Suits could do Marketing_tricycle driver_Filipino

I encountered a marketer disguised as a tricycle driver today.

I was walking towards Intramuros when I passed by a line of tricycle drivers, waiting for passengers to ride. Usually, people prefer to walk instead of riding tricycles because 1) they just simply prefer to walk to work or 2) they don’t know the way to their exact location. (In short, they don’t work there.)

Most of the drivers say, “Ma’m/Sir, tricycle po.” (Here’s a ride, ma’m/sir.)

One tricycle driver said, “Ma’m, 7:15 na. Tricycle na kayo.” (Ma’m, it’s already 7:15. Here’s a ride.)

I wouldn’t doubt that that driver is getting many rides compared to the rest.


According to Simon Sinek, “Good marketing talks about the buyer. Bad marketing talks about the seller.”

1. If you’re an employee, 7:15 am means you could be late for the 8 am log in if you prefer to walk to work. Tardiness could lead to pay deduction and a broken attendance record. (BAD if you’re gunning for an attendance incentive.) With these pains at hand, you wouldn’t want to be late.

2. The driver knows his customer. His customer is an employee who doesn’t want to be late for work. So he goes to offer a ride on his tricycle, which, could help his customers report for work on time.

Hooray, marketing! Who says only people in suits could do that?

I didn’t ride, though, because 1) the venue where I went was just a few meters away and 2) my appointment’s at 8:30 am.

Clearly, I wasn’t his customer.

But he got a fan in me.



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