My Business Manifesto

AK_My Business Manifesto

“Why did you start your business? What do you believe in? What do you stand for?”

These were the first line on one of Andrea Vahl’s blogs, My Business Manifesto. Andrea is one of my mentors in social media, being a student of Social Media Manager School.

Her blog on business manifesto stuck with me. It also made me think of what I stand for in my business – what I believe in, and what I don’t like.

That’s why I created my own Business Manifesto.

This is the summary of how I believe marketing could do amazing things for your business, whether you’re an entrepreneur or an expert.

I give high respect to mentors because they brought me to where I am now, as much as I respect people who seek to b mentored.

Social media, like Facebook, is a party. It is sure fun to be there. Yet I know that with a clear business objective and fabulous funnels, customers should be taken to a coffee date (e-mail) where conversations are clear of noise.

Here is my Business Manifesto.


AK_My Business Manifesto


How about you? Why did you start your business? Like what I did from Andrea’s inspiration, I encourage you to create your own Business Manifesto.

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