Project Persuasion 3.0 Goes Dark: Mad About Mitch

This is my Project Persuasion 3.0 Goes Dark Series. I am featuring the speakers who took their time to teach more than seventy people for three days in Phuket, Thailand – me included.

2015. Tagaytay.

Nina Mendoza told me that she was going there to accompany Mitch Miller, a copywriter she’s been following for months.

I’ve been following Mitch, too, since Niña told me, also.

I left home thinking I should have recorded everything that Mitch Miller told us. The guy’s a walking sales letter.

Other than that, I never regretted taking the two-hour drive to Tagaytay to meet Mitch.

Mitch made me launch my first book, a feat that I thought was complicated.

Copywriting is like a guy, waiting to be loved. Mitch made me realize that here’s a copywriting and he thinks we’re a great match.

Going to Phuket, Thailand was something that’s out of my comfort zone. But missing Project Persuasion 3.0 (Goes Dark) is a punch in my head if I don’t go.

I left the island with a better perspective on freedom – the way Father Freedom teaches it.

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