Project Persuasion 3.0 Goes Dark: Persuasion Pundit

AK.com_Project Persuasion 3.0 Goes Dark_Persuasion Pundit

This is my Project Persuasion 3.0 Goes Dark Series. I am featuring the speakers who took their time to teach more than seventy people for three days in Phuket, Thailand – me included.

I just met a man who could be on the most wanted list in North Korea.

My dark side wants me to make espionage a living. Mark Joyner could have helped me had I met him earlier in my life.

But learning from him for three days was nothing short of a spy adventure.

Mark made me realize that you already have everything – your values, your health, your skills. You just have to be sensitive and sensible on how you use it.

Business as Asymmetric Warfare opened my eyes to the fact that business is an art of war. If you don’t know how to strategize, use tools, and implement tactics, you will tap out.

Just one more thing… He made me run the morning after his first talk. I haven’t done a decent run in years.

Dangerous guy. That’s sexy.

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