Would you want to know the top post types that your audience love?

Here’s how:
1. On your Facebook Page, click Insights.
2. On the right side, click Posts.
3. Click Post Types.

You may also click the arrow down to choose between showing all posts or if you want to exclude targeted posts.

What types of posts does your fans love?

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Ann Kristine A. Peñaredondo

I am a Meta™ Marketing Strategist, Content Marketer, Social Media Copywriter, Published Author, and Speaker. (That's a lot on a single belt, but yes, that is me!)

People know me as the Nuclear Power Plant of Happiness because I spread fun and laughter in what I do. Others even say they felt "at ease with her even if I only met her for the first time."

If you came here looking for help with Meta marketing, content repurposing via podcast, social media copywriting, or talk about social media to your organization, you will find solutions here. Have fun exploring the site!

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