Project Persuasion 3.0 Goes Dark: The Copy Catch

This is my Project Persuasion 3.0 Goes Dark Series. I am featuring the speakers who took their time to teach more than seventy people for three days in Phuket, Thailand – me included.

I am proud of myself for not getting starstruck in front of Brian Cassingena.

Let this story (which I shared to Brian via email months ago) tell you why me not getting starstruck was a feat:

Last year, I had a chance to work for a client who owns a learning center for MCAT. The client said that he has a list, but his 3-days email sequence is on loop. The email loop meant that every two or three weeks, his series is sent to the list again.

Please imagine the shock emoji here. That was unbelievable for me.

With his 7-day blueprint at hand, I confidently told the client to give me a copy of this “looping” email sequence.

The result? A total of $8,000 income for the client in just two weeks.

Brian said what made me get those results for my client was “more cause of your massive action and general ass kickery than anything I taught you.”

I say if the student is ready, the teacher appears.

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