Project Persuasion 3.0 Goes Dark: The Hollywood Gatecrusher

AK.com_Project Persuasion 3.0 Goes Dark_The Hollywood Gatecrusher

This is my Project Persuasion 3.0 Goes Dark Series. I am featuring the speakers who took their time to teach more than seventy people for three days in Phuket, Thailand – me included.

What do you do when gatekeepers are hindering your success?

You crush the gate.

I call Rob Wiser “The Hollywood Gatecrusher.” Yes, that is not a typo.

It’s not because he’s on every single Hollywood party ever imagined.

As a screenwriter, he got tired of the “gatekeeper” system of Hollywood. He decided to leave La-la-Land and used his over-the-top writing skills to become a mind control marketer.

I learned from Rob that you need two things to earn from your passion or skill: mind control copywriting (Pattern Interrupt and Magic Mechanism) and a bad-ass sales funnel.

Who the hell needs Hollywood?

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