Does the Facebook Ads Boycott Make Sense to You?

I saw Steven Bartlett’s LinkedIn post on Facebook Ads boycott that big companies started in July 2020. Read the LinkedIn post here:

Steven Bartlett’s take on Facebook ad boycotts is indeed another perspective.

I didn’t even know how big these data are in terms of ensuring that Facebook is a safe place to be. This boycott is really more than politics.

Even the media is choosing what’s the angle that would sell as news.

I still encourage everyone to advertise their products and services on Facebook. Not only because it’s going to be cheaper (the big fishes are not around), but because the customers need to know that companies and brands are there for them, especially during these times.

I discussed the Facebook Ads Boycott on my Pin To Top podcast. Listen to the episode here:

Listen to Pin To Top

What are your thoughts on the Facebook Ads Boycott? Are you still running Facebook ads now? Or did you pause your campaigns, too?

Find out more about the Facebook Ad Boycott here:

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