Pin To Top lands at Growth Mentor’s 25 Best Marketing Podcasts for 2020

AK_Growth Mentor

Thank you, Growth Mentor, for including Pin To Top on your list of the 25 Best Marketing Podcasts Categorized by Type of Marketing 2020.

Having Pin To Top included on the list is humbling and surprising. I thought no one’s listening to the show!

Well, not really. I know the listeners won’t come overnight. But there are 850,000 podcasts as of this blog post, so go figure how this blew my mind.

I am honored that Pin To Top is be included in the list which also featured Search Engine Journal, ProBlogger, Content Marketing Institute, Social Pros, Social Media Marketing, Copyblogger, and Copywriters Podcast.

Growth Mentor is a platform where founders and marketers are connected so they could share a similar growth marketing mindset to bounce ideas around with.

Special thanks to ValuePod Productions, for producing my podcast. They kick my butt to make sure that I have a weekly episode.

Are you an entrepreneur or expert who wants to maximize Facebook Marketing for your business, less the overwhelm? Pin To Top podcast is for you.

Listen to Pin To Top via Radio Public, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Overcast, Stitcher, and Spotify.

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