Ginger TV’s Business Over Coffee Feature!

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I had the chance to share the basics of Facebook Ads on Ginger Arboleda's Business Over Coffee show.
July 28, 2020

Everytime Ginger Arboleda asks me to teach her community, the answer is always YES.


Because years ago, even shaking her hand was something that was absolutely mindblowing to me.

But of course, we went beyond the hand shake. I have done several Manila Workshops, well, workshops, and even guested on her big events, like the Entrepreneurs and Freelancers Forum.

We were working together on a digital marketing literacy program for entrepreneurs when the pandemic happened.

Ginger as she is, she started Business Over Coffee, an online show where digital marketing topics, as well as business discussions, take place. Go check out her Facebook Page and YouTube channel.

I had the chance to share the basics of Facebook Ads on her show.

So if you are ready, get your pen and paper. This is a thorough discussion but worth the watch.

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