Micromanagers – Your Time is Ticking.

AK_blog_Micromanagers your time is ticking

Are you a business owner who is so into micromanaging?

Consider this as your memo.

Micromanagers will die of stress this pandemic if they would not change their ways.

The most important thing that my clients and I have as we work together on their business: TRUST.

My clients trust me to deliver my promised output in a given time. I trust my clients to support the process that social media is relationship-building first before the sale.

My friend, Nins Mendoza, also adds, “There is no way of keeping an employee and micromanage them. It defeats the purpose of hiring them anyway. I’m not saying do not “train” or “manage” your employees. Training is different from managing, and so is micromanaging.”

So micromanagers: Trust your employees to do the work.

Trust or fire.

Your time is ticking.

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