Oh, The Pixels You’ll Go Die For: Thoughts on Facebook Pixels

AK_blog_Thoughts on Facebook Pixels

I recently had encounters with Facebook Pixels again.

One was when I created a new Facebook Page for myself.

The second time was when I took the Facebook Pixels of my client for set up on her website. I literally did not stop until all the corners of her website has the Facebook Pixels – and they are firing.

The truth is, learning Facebook Pixels alone can fill up a book.

If this is the only thing you know about Facebook ads, you’ll be fine.

But only if you are willing to learn.

Want to learn Facebook Pixels?

There are many ways to learn Facebook Pixels. I picked the best ones for you.

Of course, Facebook has a guide for Facebook Pixels.

Third party scheduler Hootsuite also has a comprehensive strategy guide on Facebook Pixels.

Oberlo, on the other hand, gives you concrete examples on the use of Facebook Pixels.

Fire up your Facebook pixels learning mode!

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