Meet Marketing In Asia’s Newest Content Creator

Meet Marketing In Asia's Newest Content Creator
Writing for a publication is a dream. In October 2020, I became one of Marketing In Asia’s hundreds of content creators.
October 20, 2020

Meet Marketing In Asia’s newest content creator!

But before that, a little backstory.

Three years ago, a Marketing In Asia team member emailed me, inviting me to send contributions to the site.

The offer was tempting. No, it was not the money. I love writing; always have, always will.

Unfortunately, I never had the time. Or so I thought. Nevertheless, I looked forward to the day when I can be a contributor.

This year, I made that dream come true. Effective October 2020, I am now one of Marketing In Asia’s hundreds of content creators.

Marketing In Asia_Author Page_Ann Kristine Peñaredondo

For starters, I shared the marketing trifecta that could help you create social media posts in a breeze and Perry Belcher’s two-part episode interview in Pin To Top.

Marketing In Asia_Author Page Stories_Ann Kristine Peñaredondo

How was I able to do this? Did I magically have additional hours compared to the rest of humanity?

No. Here’s what happened:

1. I submitted an article. This was not given to me from the heavens, though some family and friends think that way. I applied.

2. This is my secret revealed: I started writing in the morning in October 2020. Years ago, Fred Mosquida told me that he does this. Studying Andre Chaperon’s Autoresponder Madness 2.0 forced me to do it.

Writing in the morning opened my mind because I transfer any idea from my brain to the paper. The new habit somehow allowed my body to embrace writing time.

Expect more Facebook marketing (and marketing lessons) on my Marketing in Asia contributions.

Jennette Cajucom and Azleen Abdul Rahim of Marketing In Asia: thanks for re-opening the doors.

I thank Fred Mosquida for the push.

Jeff J Hunter, that 2018 ten-person seminar in Davao seed continues to grow. Thank you for encouraging me to write.

Here are the first two offerings of from Marketing in Asia’s newest content creator.

Consistent Content Creation: The Marketing Trifecta That Will Keep You Out Of Your Social Media Woes

Perry Belcher On Pandemic: Pivot, Don’t Pause (Pin To Top Podcast interview)

Happy reading and learning!

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