Pin To Top Should Be on Your Podcast LISTening

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Entrepreneurs and experts could find their audience, get quality leads, and increase sales through Facebook. Do you agree?

Up till now, here is my observation: Other entrepreneurs and experts think that having a mere Facebook Page is enough.

You fear Facebook; you’re finding it difficult to catch up with its algorithms, updates, and trends.

Worst, you, went to Facebook without ANY clear goal, strategy, and tactics, let alone ways to measure your success.

These problems are such business bummers — a cause of headache plus possible burning of effort and money.

You need to overcome the fear of anxiety, stress and overwhelm over placing your business online via Facebook. You are juggling business problems at hand; marketing shouldn’t be one of them.

I asked myself: How can I support you, entrepreneurs and experts, so that your Facebook Marketing works for you less overwhelm?

I thought of launching a podcast for you focused on Facebook Marketing and marketing in general.

The idea for the show came when I watched Gary Vaynerchuk’s keynote during the National Achiever’s Congress 2018. He discussed utilizing the three big opportunities to start and scale our business: the Internet, social media, and podcast. (Gary Vee, in case you’d see this, the podcast exists because of the idea you gave! Bless you!)

Gary Vee’s discussion of statistics towards podcast were promising. Yet to me, I was looking for a way to encourage you, entrepreneurs and experts on Facebook marketing.

Pin To Top Podcast was born from of a keynote speech.

Let me tell you why Pin To Top Should Be on Your Podcast LISTening.

What is this podcast for? Pin To Top is a podcast for Entrepreneurs and Experts who would like to get help with Facebook Marketing and gain excellent business ideas.

The podcast aims to help entrepreneurs and experts like you. You could make your business grow using Facebook and you can ask for help if you don’t understand what you’re into!

So, what’s happening on every Pin To Top episode? Let’s take a look at the podcast’s name first.

Pin To Top represents a feature on Facebook Page (on Twitter, too) where you put a post (or a tweet) on top of your Page. If you haven’t used this feature, I will teach you how.

You’d see the Pin To Top feature when you click the three dots on the upper right side of the post that you’d like to pin to top. See that? Good. Click it and in a few seconds, you’ll see your Facebook Page post pinned on top!

It’s the post — an image, a blog, an article, an offer — that you’d like your audience to see when they see your Facebook Page.

You will have a chance to pin to top what you’ll digest from this show. No, you don’t put notes on your laptop or board. When you listen to Pin To Top, you focus on one thing that’s going to aid you navigate Facebook.

Allow Pin To Top to provide you with Facebook Marketing basics, strategies, and tactics.

Pin To Top Podcast focuses on Facebook updates and why it matters to you. The podcast discusses Facebook features that you might be omitting. The podcast helps you how you could work on the Facebook Marketing insights that you learned.

The best go-to people in marketing and business guested in the podcast: Jomar Hilario, Marcus Ho, Myrna-Tam Natividad, Jeff J. Hunter, and Perry Belcher. You need to learn from the best, so expect amazing entrepreneurs and marketing experts in the next episodes.

Furthermore, the podcast discusses “wow” ideas in mundane stories that I observed or seen, whether in a seminar, a conference, a book, a factual situation where I saw myself in, or another podcast. Build up your business with these wow ideas!

All for you at Pin To Top Podcast so you can maximize your Facebook presence less overwhelm.

Here’s something that could come as a surprise to you: there is a prayer for you and your business each episode. Why include a prayer to end a podcast?

Everything that we do anchors on Someone or Something bigger than us. Your business, your skills, your people, your customers — all comes from a Higher Source. Whatever belief or religion you have, we won’t exist without the Divine Providence.

Growth Mentor and Feedspot Blog Reader included Pin To Top on their list of top 2020 marketing and advertising podcast lists. Additionally, Pin To Top is one of the nominees at IBH Media’s first Asia Pod Awards 2020.

Pin To Top Podcast is the show for entrepreneurs and experts who would like to build up their business through Facebook Marketing.

Are you ready to add Pin To Top on your podcast listening list? Here’s where you could listen and send a rating.

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