Making an Impact as an Entrepreneur with Marcus Ho

AnnKristine_Making an Impact as an Entrepreneur with Marcus Ho
Discover how like Marcus Ho, you can make an impact as an entrepreneur.
May 31, 2021

“Everything in my life is almost serendipity.”

– Marcus Ho

That’s what Marcus Ho, Managing Director of Brew Interactive, said of his journey to entrepreneurship.

Marcus is one of my long-term clients. To say that I’ve had enough mentoring from him is a mistake. The guy still makes me think, “Why haven’t I thought of that?”

After leaving the two-year mandatory military service (a must in Singapore), Marcus realized he didn’t want to become an employee. He wanted to make an impact – his way. How? By creating his own business.

Marcus found his way to entrepreneurship, marketing, and building a digital marketing agency that has helped big names in various industries around Asia and the world.

Discover how like Marcus, you can make an impact as an entrepreneur in this two-part Pin To Top Podcast interview.

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