Lessons from the VA world

Here are the lessons that I have learned on the new job that I just got:

1. Training is really important. I am thankful for the VA seminar that my mentor, Jomar Hilario, has been conducting. It did not only open my mind to this new “work-at-home” idea (no scams), but it also made me confident that I could be a VA.

2. When you are working for somebody out there, it’s not only your skills that matter. I felt that being a Filipino also matters. As I have learned from my VA training, clients have big expectations from Filipino VAs because we are good. Oh no, let me change the word. Filipinos are EXCEPTIONAL. It is an inspiration for me to do great on my job because I am competing against other nationalities.

3. Improvement of one’s self is empowering.  As what I have said on my earlier post,  my employer got disappointed with the previous contractors that she got because they do not know WordPress. When I got the VA training, Sir Jomar told us to put all our outputs in a WordPress site. I learned to tinker on a blogging site that I was not familiar with. I had mistakes in putting this blog during the first few days, but I got the hang of it. Had he not told us to do that, I would not get the job.

Life has lots of lessons to give. May we learn to accept them and make us grateful.