Had I been alone during the Skype chat interview, I could have screamed on top of my lungs like this!

On my last post, I showed you a print screen of the 10 ODesk job applications that I did. It was really the most number of applies that I did in just one sitting.

As I signed out on my ODesk account, I said a prayer. I know that out of the ten jobs, there will be one who will respond.

Indeed, one responded. And the series of events was like a whirlwind.

I applied on a Sunday, had an exchange of communication with the employer from Monday to Tuesday, got interviewed, hired, and started work on Wednesday.

Until now, I cannot believe what happened. This is my second VA job; a first in ODesk!

My employer is from the United States who maintains a site on free deals or coupons for those who want to shop for home stuff under a budget.

My employer was very particular with the WordPress know-how. She kept on asking about it during our exchange of communication in ODesk. She also asked if I was able to read the job description/instructions that she attached on the job posting. I couldn’t blame her; she has interviewed some applicants who claimed they know how to use WordPress. I just assured her that I am knowledgeable of the site; I know how to create, edit, and update posts, as well as insert pictures. To show proof, I even gave her link to this blog (as I always do in my applications).

The interview in Skype took two hours. I could consider it as non-formal interview because the contractor gave me the opportunity the ask clarifications on the job. At the same time, she already created an account for me in her WordPress site so that she could explain to me her requirements in work.

My employer is very accommodating; she told me to throw her questions about the job. I took the chance because I would like to know more about the job that I was applying for. Moreover, I would like to know more about who I will work for.

After a few more questions, clarifications, we talked about my work time and days. I told her that I can work for four hours from Mondays to Fridays.

Then the employer said, “That’s okay. Just make sure that you always log your hours in ODesk to make sure that your working hours is recorded.”

With that, I said, “Ma’m, does that mean I already got the job?”

She said, “Oh I’m sorry I forgot to tell you that. Yes, you got the job! I will now go to ODesk to hire you. Thank you!”

I laughed, and then felt some tears in my eyes.

I guess that’s what really happens when a whirlwind strikes.

My First ODesk interview
Lessons from the New Job

Ann Kristine A. Peñaredondo

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  • Hi Ann,

    This is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

    May I know what gadgets (hardware) is needed before one can start with what you are doing? Does using Word press part of the package that Sir Jomar gives?

    God bless


    • Hi Jasontapz. Let me share with you what Donald Trump said on the audio file that I have of him.

      “Never give up. Never, never, never. never, never, never give up.”

      Pray for the right job, learn more about being a VA, and always be positive.

      I’m praying for you. God bless!

      • Congratulations Ann. Not to dampen your enthusiasm nor is it my intent to sound patronizing, but that rate seems to be a bit on the low side.
        Please do tell, is it feasible to take on multiple, at the very least maybe ten, fifteen, twenty or more employers at any one time, para sulit ang paguukulan ng panahon at pansin, but at the same time without spreading yourself too thin?

        Pardon the ignorance, just curious…

        • It’s ok, Bobby. No problem. 🙂

          I know that the rate is low. But as what I have learned from Sir Jomar’s webinars, the rate is enough for somebody who is just starting. As a VA gains experience in working online (and as a VA gains good reputation), then he or she can increase his or her rate.

          Well, 15 to 20 employers is way too many. I don’t know if I would be able to handle too many. It may be good for the income but my hands may no longer move another day. Moreover, there are some employers who would like their VAs to work with them full time. And besides, too many employers won’t let you have the time to enjoy life. Remember, Sir Jomar wants us eventually work-at-home so that we could enjoy life.

          Hope I was able to enlighten you. God bless!

          • Ok Bobby, I’m correcting myself: a VA’s minimum rate should be $3.00 per hour. Sorry about that. Good thing I checked my VA notes. 🙂 I also changed my rate. Thanks a lot for asking!

  • This is wonderful experience. Inspiring to be a VA Ann I will really appreciate if you add me on facebook and need to talk. My profiel is marivien.tiglao

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