Cashflow Game 101 Event: learning about game and life

Let's play!
Let’s play!


(This was the testimonial I sent to Jomar Hilario a day after volunteering for the Cash Flow 101 Game. He read it last May 26 on his Free Weekly Webinar.)

For the first time since knowing Jomar, I made it to his seminar volunteer list. I tried doing the VA Summit last November 2013, but the others had faster fingers than me.

As an Online Mentoring Club 3.0 member, I was privileged to sign up as volunteer. I did not get the confirmation until Friday night, so I did not know what will my Saturday was going to be until I got the notice. I made it! I’m going to finally see how this game in played!

The event was CashFlow Game 101, the famous board game of Robert Kiyosaki. Rich Dad Poor Dad was one of the books that made me curious about financial freedom and gaining wealth for others’ good. I have an unofficial Cashflow Game on my phone (created by fans of the game).

As a volunteer, I know I would have slight chances of playing the game. But I went for it because I know that 1) I’d get to go out of the house and see people (I’m a full-time VA) 2) I’m excited to see how the game is played and 3) I know I’m going to learn a lot.

"What I like sharing about is..."
“What I like sharing about is…”


It was a fun and learning experience volunteering for the Cashflow Game 101 Event. I was with co-OMC 3.0 colleague Jervie Jala, who is on his two-week vacation from working in Singapore. I saw how people played. I felt great when I saw teenagers who joined the session. Ah, the future is indeed bright.

Aside from that, I was able to help the players in the Success Game (another board game played that I think is better than the CashFlow Game 101) by becoming a banker. Never in my entire life did I imagine that I’m going to be a banker. I was happy I never screwed up with counting money (I hated Math in school).

Here are some of my CashFlow Game 101 Event snippets:

  1. I finally met Dha Teñoso, another successful VA. I also met Ms. Cheng Go, the businesswoman from Cagayan de Oro, who flew to Manila to play the game. She was my seatmate during the first Plan Your Best Year session that Jomar facilitated.
  2. Like I previously mentioned, I hated Math when I was studying. Such was my disappointment when Jomar said that Trigonometry and Calculus are useless subjects in school! I couldn’t remember my Calculus, but I remembered my Trigo teacher because she was so nice. But then again, I wasted 10 months of thrice a week 40 minutes of my life.
  3. Star struck moments – Ms. Eden (she is so tall I asked God again why was I only 4’11”. And I told myself I’m going to stay longer in the magazine section in a famous grocery store nearby), Jay Castillo (the Foreclosure Philippines guy! I wanted to bow down and say “I’m not worthy!” but I controlled myself), and – believe it or not – Lucia, Jomar’s first born, whose smile as I entered their home was a charming way of saying I’m welcome. I’ll cherish our selfies because she’s going to be a great cinematographer in the future (she couldn’t stop taking videos).


Let's roll the dice!
Let’s roll the dice!


Decide, decide...
Decide, decide…


It’s great to know that Jomar’s planning to hold Cashflow Game 101 Event sessions monthly. Maybe I’d get to volunteer again or sit down and play the game. Whatever role I’d play, the game is a great reminder of why I got into working from home and online marketing – financial freedom.


View from the deck. A rewarding treat after a day in a life of a volunteer. :)
View from the deck. A rewarding treat after a day in a life of a volunteer. 🙂


You have to attend the next CashFlow Game 101. Jomar’s going to hold another event next month! Stay tuned to his site to get the details soon.

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