Facing Facebook’s Power Editor

Facebook ad image: complete
Landing page: complete
Thank you page: complete
Autoresponder: complete

Honestly, I find Facebook’s Power Editor too complicated (I don’t know if I was able to mention this to you previously, but just in case, I’m saying it again). There are too many things happening inside; it’s like a party that I don’t want to be in. But then, this assignment is not only about mastering Facebook Ads – it’s also overcoming that complicated feeling that I have over Power Editor.

So, I took a deep breath and logged on to Business.Facebook.com. Then, I clicked Power Editor.

Here we go!

Okay, Power Editor, let's finish where we left off.
Okay, Power Editor, let’s finish where we left off.


First things first: I downloaded the files on my account. This is important so that my Facebook Page campaigns are saved before you do any changes. During the course of my learning, the download only takes one to two minutes the most since I have not done any campaign yet.




In the Manage Ads area, I clicked the Add button of the Campaigns. Then, I accomplished the following:

1. campaign name
2. buying type
3. campaign objective



Then, I went to Ad Sets, where I did the following:

1. created ad sets name
2. set budget and schedule
3. identified audience
4. placement (where will my ads be seen)
5. optimization and pricing (for this time, I chose Optimize for Clicks. I was able to set the maximum bid per click price)


Ad sets
Ad sets






Determining the audience for my ad.
Determining the audience for my ad.






Then I moved over to the Ads. Here are the things that I accomplished in the Ads area:

1. ad name
2. website URL
3. text copy (which will be found on top of the Facebook Ad)
4. link description (supporting the headline)
5. headline
6. display link
7. uploaded image
8. identified call to action


Working area of the Ads area.
Working area of the Ads area.


After that, I clicked Create Pixel. It is where I got the code that I copied then pasted to the thank you page (remember my Tumblr?).






Then, I clicked the Upload Changes button. My excitement momentarily halted when I was asked for a valid payment method. I followed the instructions on adding a payment method.


Uh-oh. I forgot that I need to pay Facebook.
Uh-oh. I forgot that I need to pay Facebook.




And voilà! My upload is complete!

Now, the waiting period has begun.

Facebook ad uploaded to Power Editor: complete


The waiting period has begun. :)
The waiting period has begun. 🙂
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