Realizations on My First Facebook Ad Experience

I still could not figure out what happened to my first Facebook ad. As I have mentioned in my earlier blog, I did not receive ANY notice whether my ad was disapproved or not. Moreover, since Facebook’s Power Editor confirmed that my Facebook ad was uploaded and completed, I thought it will start running as scheduled.

Well, I’d like to take it as my first Facebook Ad punk. Anyway, Facebook did not charge me anything, so I am moving on from this incident (you owe me, Mark Zuckerberg). 🙂

Even if I still can not find the reason it happened, I realized that I did some mistakes in the process. Let me share them with you.

Lesson 1: I should have maximized the Interests Targeting and Demographics.

I admit: I was very conservative on identifying the interests and demographics of the people who could see my ad. I was even more concerned of the number of people to be reached that the interests targets!

Resolution: I will take my time on identifying the interests targets and demographics of my ad.


Lesson 1 learned - maximizing the interest targets.
Lesson 1 learned – maximizing the interest targets.


Lesson 2: I did not link the Benchmark Email confirmation email to the Thank You page.

I was not able to put the Thank You page’s URL link to the confirmation email of Benchmark. Had I done that, the prospective leads would have been directed to the Tumblr page (where I did my Thank You page is) and Facebook would have detected it because of the pixel. I don’t know if that would alert Facebook that I have ad (because of Facebook pixel are working – I checked it), though. But then again, the landing page, autoresponder, and thank you page should be connected.

Resolution: I opened my and Tumblr accounts. I copied and pasted the Tumblr URL link to the BenchmarkEmail confirmation email.


Lesson 2 learned: I missed this linking part right here.
Lesson 2 learned: I missed this linking part right here.


Now that I have moved on, it is time to run a new Facebook ad.

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