Jul 05

I can not remember the exact time or year, but a few years back, I declared (written or verbal, I’m really not sure) that when I become a virtual assistant, one of the things that I see doing is going to the mall on a non-peak day (Tuesday or a Thursday). And in the mall, I will smile to a few people because all of us are virtual assistants. We are the ones inside the mall because we have time to do it – we just simply can.

Well, God has a way of tweaking dreams – but it happened to me anyway!

Recently, I was in a mall on a Monday. Even if I did not see familiar faces of virtual assistants, I was with my family. I am now a full-time virtual assistant serving clients that my hands and my brains can possibly handle.

It’s more cool than what I declared, right?

I felt I was walking in the clouds as I enjoyed a leisure day in the mall and then working right after we arrived home.

You may think that this a simple, non-sense dream. But for me, it was a big deal.

Because now, I have more time. I have more freedom.

See the proof in my latest video blog:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VprbnITnWkY?list=PLAp3g4o77_Qq7SZsLAHUli4L3Wem4ogjj&w=560&h=315]
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Ann Kristine A. Peñaredondo is a Facebook Marketing Strategist who has managed and grew Facebook Pages of top shopping malls, lingerie, and dairy brands, as well as authors and experts in business, food, health, and education. Ann's podcast show, Pin To Top, is listed in Growth Mentor and Feedspot as one of the top podcasts for Facebook and marketing for 2020. Ann is also one of the Manila Workshop’s resident speakers and facilitators. She’s been featured in Jomar Hilario’s Online Show and book Virtual Careers, Wazzup Pilipinas, Astig.PH, Prime Influencers, Marketing in Asia, Thrive Global, and The Manila Times. Email her at chiefofideas@annkristine.com

  • chad says:

    Nice one Ann! Congratulations, More Blessings to come to you!

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