Something exceptionally unimaginable happened in my email inboxes

I have four emails in Gmail. I have one each specifically for:

  1. purchases
  2. social media platforms
  3. online marketing/virtual assistant lessons
  4. official VA email (where I get messages from my clients and from the freelance sites I’m subscribed to)

Yes, you may call me OC (obsessive-compulsive). But that’s my way of sorting my online life.

All those emails have a handful of emails in the inbox, waiting for kingdom come to be read. I do use Priority Inbox and Labels. But for those emails that need a free time to consume, they stayed in the inbox.

Until I officially called a recent week as ZERO INBOX PROJECT WEEK.

The result? Two of my 4 Gmail accounts got ZERO INBOX. I was surprised! I never thought that would happen!

Zero Inbox Gmail
I felt I was that guy lying on the snow after I saw my Gmail with zero inbox!


Zero Inbox Gmail 2
Look, butterfly! No emails!

I’m still working on my other two Gmail accounts to be totally zapped with emails. I’m excited as a Minion can’t wait to eat his banana!

  • shawicortez says:

    Sharing how you did it would be helpful, Ann!

    • Shawi! I just did it – I sat down with one thing in mind: zero inbox. Most of the emails were videos, so I took out my notebook and wrote down what I learned. Some of the videos were only a few minutes! Imagine those links sitting on my inbox for a few months?!

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