growth hack skills
Here are the important points that I got from the last two webinars that I attended recently:

  1. Growth hacking means figuring how to increase sales. Business owners pay attention to this.
  2. Build your brand at conferences or seminars. Neil Patel started attending seminars for a year. Then he made sure to be invited as a speaker after. If you brand yourself properly, you’ll be able to attract people.
  3. The best way to increase traffic for blog is to have a) detailed content and b) share link to other people and then ask them to share your article.
  4. Five Ingredients for Blog Traffic
    • powerful service
    • content
    • link out
    • link building
    • optimize website for SEO
  1. Serve using Facebook and blog. Nowadays, FB and blog are essential part of any modern company’s marketing.
  2. Solicit fans’ email (sign up form with free stuff)
  3. Store emails in an autoresponder
  4. Send seven (7) emails in succession over a week
  5. Have a scarcity countdown
  6. Include the following 6 influence factors: authority, scarcity, reciprocity, likeability, consistency, evidence (as discussed in the ‘Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion’ book by Robert Cialdini. I have the book but it’s still in the reading line up this year).

My mentor, Jomar Hilario, is offering a Virtual Assistant Skills Program that would enable a VA to learn growth hack skills. Autopilot income skills is just one of the skills that will be taught in the program. The training is for 6 months. If you want to get in to avail of the early bird rate (and free bonuses galore!), visit this site.

This is so powerful that it is almost exceptionally laziness - but I love automation!
Something exceptionally unimaginable happened in my email inboxes

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