Cut yourself some slack.

Recently, I talked to another virtual professional and a good friend. As we were about to end our conversation, we talked about being busy with many things.

My friend has highly satisfied clients, expertise on chosen niche, and is able to reach monthly income goal. Seriously, my friend can ask for the moon.

However, sometimes, my friend feels there is just too much of everything.

Guess what, I feel the same way, too.

Before you switch to other posts, please get this: my friend and I are not complaining.

A few years back, we used to dream of becoming a person who works from home.

Now, I get to wake up without the worries of being stuck in traffic or having conversations with people who criticized me as if they knew me from
Adam. These are just two of the many experiences I have now. Believe me, I will not trade it for anything else (ohhkkayy, maybe an island of my own with unlimited Internet access will be an interesting offer).

Then came the thought. I told my friend, “I think we should cut ourselves some slack and let loose.”

I think we got too happy with our accomplishments yet we forgot to celebrate it.

Cut yourself some slack
A few years back, I used to dream of becoming a person who works from home.

Instead of saying just, “Yay!” I thought of, “Yay! I need to focus on being exceptional at this! I mean, I am too crazy to lose this!”

Instead of basking in the sun even for a few minutes, I say to myself, “I’ll finish this so I can see the stars instead.” Later on, I realized I never saw even the slightest of clouds nor the brightest stars.

That about-to-wind-down conversation was an early wakeup call.

Cut yourself some slack
One of the posts that my friend sent me via Facebook. Still waiting for the baked things.

We are all running towards big and small successes every day. Cutting ourselves some slack and let loose means, we need to run on our comfortable pace.

Because sometimes, when we think someone is chasing us, there is really none.

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